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Anti Ragging Committee

 As per the direction from AICTE & DTE, an anti ragging squad has been constituted. Any students having any sort of problem / difficulty are directed to meet the committee members and discuss their problem. The committee will take up the matter and on consultation with the authorities will do the needful. 


  • Any complaint of ragging should be made to the college management / appropriate committees by a student within three days of its occurrence.
  • The management should complete the enquiry within 72 hours and file a complaint with the police if it is found a student or any other person guilty of ragging. On receipt of the complaint, the police will register a case and proceed further in accordance with law.
  • The management should also report the details to the university to which it is affiliated and to the head of the department concerned and also to the Government. Similarly, in case of conviction, the officer-in charge of the police station would send a report to the college management, university, department concerned and the Government.
  • A student, who was placed under suspension based on the complaint of ragging is ultimately not convicted, the management shall revoke the suspension and the period of suspension of such student shall be treated as if the student had attended the classes.
  • A student who desires to discontinue the course in the middle of the curriculum will be bound by the decision of the University Authorities.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the institute premises. Students found smoking in the premises will face disciplinary action.
  • Students should avoid bringing mobile phones to their classes. The institute seeks the co-operation of parents/guardians to discourage their wards in carrying cell phones to the institute.
  • Those found violating this are liable to be debarred from taking the University Examination and their phones will be confiscated



  • The Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, New Delhi by its order dated 16.05.07 in SLP (C) No.24295/2004 stated the following in order to curb the menace of RAGGING in Educational Institutions.
  • "If any incidents of Ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned students shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him from the institutions"
  • The above directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India will be strictly implemented.


  • Rash driving of any vehicle within the College premises is strictly prohibited. The speed limit to be followed in the campus is not to exceed 10km/h. All vehicles should be parked only in places ear marked for parking



Students may contact the following committee in case of any ragging activity


  1. Dr Atmaram P (Principal)
  2. Circle Inspector of Police, Angamaly
  3. C.U Jabbar ( Member of Kunnukara Panchayath)
  4. Village Officer (Kunnukara)
  5. Smt Saina Babu (Member,Kudumbasree)
  6. Sri. Muhammed Ali (News reporter, Madhyamam Daily)
  7. Sri. Yoosef Arackal (PTA Member)
  8. Sri. Vinu Sebastian(Asst.Prof, ME, Chairman)
  9. Smt. Surumi Basheer (Asst.Prof ECE)
  10. Smt. Honey John(Asst.Prof, CSE)
  11. Sri.Aslam Embichy (Asst. Prof EEE)
  12. Sri.Ali K B (Administrative Officer)
  13. Alfiya P.A




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